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Education and Racism Essay - 791 Words

Education and Racism If teachers across America would arise and make the personal commitment to do something about racism, beginning with their own selves, their eventual impact would, I believe, be tremendous (Hacker 191). It is time to take action. Not only in our own lives, but in the lives of the children. There has been attempts, there has been success, and there has been failure. Many people have ways in which they believe will help reduce racism. But which is the right way, the best way? According to Barbara Hacker, author of Advice for Teachers on Racism and Oneness, it is up to the educators. She believes teachers can make a difference in the lives of his or her students. Hacker suggests four†¦show more content†¦By setting rules for discussion, much more can be accomplished, more people can be heard, and more opinions can be changed. The second major role teachers can play in educating students about racism is through exactly that, education. A lot has been written about the nature of prejudice, and racism, the many ways in which it is manifested, how it is transmitted and perpetuated, and even the stages that individuals go though in overcoming its effects (Hacker 192). If teachers would find this information, believe in it and share it with the children, then hopefully a few, if not all the views of the students will change. Everyone needs this body of knowledge (193). The third important principle is to realize that we all have prejudices. They are formed very early in life and are often very strong. They become a natural part of our lives, and cloud our minds with ignorance. Teachers are seen as role models, authority figures, and mentors. So many children fail to challenge them whether they be right or wrong. A corollary of the concept that we all have prejudices is the idea that it really is okay to make mistakes, and that mistakes are opportunities for learning and growing (193). It could do wonders for both teachers and students if the educators taught about prejudice and taught about, and admitted their own mistakes. Lastly, the fourth key principle of overcoming racismShow MoreRelatedRacism And The Education System Essay937 Words   |  4 PagesMy study displays how people from several categories have differing opinions about racists teaching in the education system. It can help determine peoples’ attitudes toward race in the schools. However, there were some of the limitations to my study. One was that I could not interview and interact with the respondents personally. I was not able to ask in depth questions as to why people felt a certain way about racist teachers. Also, I wanted to know if the respondents surveyed ever had any interactionRead MoreRacism and Sexism in Education1166 Words   |  5 Pageswhich produce and maintain racism and racial hatred; the study of the interaction between social class and ethnicity in social stratification, giving rise to both vertical and horizontal segments in t he social structure of societies; the sociological analysis of how these issues have contributed to the specific features of social stratification in contemporary societies. Despite the importance of these empirical studies, it is argued that, in order to conceptualize racism, sociologists must set asideRead MoreRacism, Discrimination, And Sex Education Essay2037 Words   |  9 PagesEducate Your Children about Homosexuality Growing up in middle school and high school there is education on racism, discrimination, and sex education. Truth is homosexuality is one of the issues that lack education with children. Usually when teenagers become high school students, they see it and are already aware because there are same sex couples in high school. Seven years ago in high school, a couple kept a secret about their relationship because they did not know how others would react, andRead MoreRacism And Its Effect On Children s Education Essay1333 Words   |  6 PagesShayna Cohen Mrs. Clarke English II 15 December 2016 Racism Impacts Education Obtaining a good education allows a person to gain the basic skills he or she would need to thrive in the world as an adult. In order for a child to acquire the benefits of a good education, a stable environment must be provided without the influence of any negative outside forces. One negative force that can directly impact a minority child’s education is racism. Interestingly enough, there are several other aspectsRead More The Effects of Racism in Education Essay example5296 Words   |  22 Pagesupper levels of education than the student will suffer in one degree or another. My focus group will be highschool and college students with an emphasis on those who are in the junior class of both institutions. I will take a small sample of each student group and the educators who are responsible for them. I intially planned on studying only highschool students but in my collection of information I found that diversity issues are rising in numbers at institutes of higher education on a profoundlyRead MoreRacism And Yik Yak : Improving Education2547 Words   |  11 PagesRacism and Yik Yak: Improving Education to Curb Social Media’s Prejudice â€Å"We live in two worlds here. The White world and the Black world. And we have to change to accommodate those worlds. My speech even changes† (Hughes). Black students are not abnormal or inferior, but they often feel as if they are while attending Predominantly White Institutions. Robin L. Hughes, an assistant professor, conducted a survey in 2002 at Lone Star University, a Predominantly White Institution (PWI) in the SouthRead MoreEssay on Racism and White Privilege in the Education System3426 Words   |  14 Pagesactuality this passive acceptance of and ignorance of the existent racial hierarchy and a common association of any race with products and styles that blacks are whites both enjoy only perpetuates stereotypes and racism both institutional and micro alike. By associating the potential existence of racism with consumption, a form of rationalization is that we now live in society that does not recognize and reward race, but merit. In turn, whites do not inheren tly realize the privileges that they are born withRead MoreTo Kill a Mockingbird Is Set in Americas Deep South and Deals with Crucial Issues in Society at the Beginning of the Twenteith Century Like Racism, Education Practices and the Role of Female in Society.2182 Words   |  9 Pagescentury like racism, education practices and the role of female in society. There are many destructive forces in this world that may destroy our humanity, beat down our beliefs and wreck havoc on our morals. Greed, arrogance, anger, ignorance†¦ but none so powerful as racism. Racism is the worst kind of prejudice in society. Jared Taylor, editor of American Renaissance Magazine, states, â€Å"People prefer the company of people like themselves.† For this, and many other reasons, racism has been prevalentRead MoreThe Importance Of Adult Education As An Academic Discipline800 Words   |  4 PagesIntroduction In today’s knowledge-based society and economy, education, in particular continuing education, is one of the key elements for stable and well-paying jobs as technology and information continue to evolve. This fact sheds light on the importance of adult education as an academic discipline, which brings about learning to gain new forms of knowledge, skills, and/or values, in particular in a broader context. In particular, the results of Programme for the International Assessment of AdultRead MoreMulticultural Education And Communication Issues1463 Words   |  6 Pages Multicultural Education and Communication Issues In Schools Dorian Stoudemire EDUC 513 American Military University 30 July 2017 â€Æ' Multicultural Education and Communication Issues in Schools Introduction A multicultural setting is considered to have people who have diverse cultural backgrounds. Therefore it is important to consider a school environment as one of those places that have diverse cultural backgrounds. The role of such institutions is to try and provide equal opportunities to

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